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Maine Mendoza Asks People To Respect Arjo Atayde And His Family

'Just stop this nonsense and let us all do better instead.'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mainedcm, (RIGHT) Instagram/arjoatayde

Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde have been the subject of dating rumors since October 2018. The two were spotted on ~*dates*~ in BGC, they sported what looked like tandem Scooby Doo costumes on Halloween, and fans think they even went on a vacation in Bali, Indonesia with friends! 

But get this: Maine put an end to speculations that Arjo is officially her boyfriend last December, when she said, "Friends kami. We’re going out as friends.” 

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This has not stopped fans (and bashers) from keeping tabs on what's happening between Maine and Arjo. They even have a ship name now: "ArDub!" Arjo and his sister Ria Atayde have also been the subject of online bashing since these dating rumors started. Ria even said that there are times when she wants to speak up for her older brother but Arjo would tell her to let it go (*salutes Arjo*). 

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This weekend, Maine came to the defense of Ria and Arjo by responding to a basher who called the Atayde siblings "users."

A Twitter account under the username @mcbill0524 said: "@RiaAtayde Ginamit mo na naman name ni @mainedcm. Tindi ng pagiging user niyo magkapatid no? Umingay na naman name niyo nagka-project pa kayo dahil sa paggamit niyo sa name ni Maine...Mga user tsk tsk." 

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Maine replied, "I would appreciate if you'll show some respect not just to our family but to theirs as well. Just stop this nonsense and let us all do better instead. They get projects because of their talent, not because of any other reasons. Once and for all let's give credit to whom its due."

She added, "I know everyone’s trying to prove a point here but whatever your reasons are, it is never right to hate on people—whoever they may be. Hate is such a strong feeling and I hope we don’t let it get the best of us. Masyado yang mabigat sa puso, 'wag sana tayo magpalamon. Good night!"

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Soooo true. Like Maine just said, it's time to stop the hate, you guys! 

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