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Mandy Moore 'Fell In Love' With Shane West On 'A Walk To Remember'

Landon + Jamie FOREVER!
PHOTO: A Walk To Remember/Warner Bros

The romance genre has never been the same after Nicholas Sparks’ novel A Walk To Remember was turned into a movie in 2002. Yes, it’s been 15—16 in 2018—years since '00s teen queen Mandy Moore and the broody Shane West starred in the original sicktopia tear-jerker (*ehem ehem* A Fault In Our Stars).

To celebrate the film's 15th anniversary, Mandy and Shane took a walk to remember (sorry, I just HAD to) and reminisced about their fondest mems doing the film when they spoke with Entertainment Weekly.

Here are a few snippets from their interview:

On their experience doing the film


I think that it was such an overwhelmingly positive, memorable experience for me because it was my first leading role and it was the first film I worked on away from home... There are very few times in your career when the memories and the relationship you have to a project match the relationship that an audience has to the project—but this movie is as special to me as it seems to be to people out there in the world. I mean that’s the reason that 15 years later we’re still talking about it.”


“It genuinely was a phenomenal experience. From start to finish, it really was a wonderful experience and that was because of Adam Shankman, the director. He kept everyone invested, together, kept the mood right, especially for some of the dramatic things we had to do, and everyone genuinely loved each other—or liked each other at least.”

Their first impressions of each other


“Shane was so cool. Everything about him–the way he dressed, the little cigarettes that he smoked, and the music he listened to. He was the character to me and there was definitely a part of me that absolutely fell in love with him… Shane was so wonderful. I didn’t know what I was doing and he’d done movies and he was on a critically acclaimed TV show. He had a lot of respect as an actor and I was just the total newbie. I didn’t even know how to hit a mark, I was so fresh-faced and naïve. I felt incredibly lucky right off the bat that I had someone who was as willing to work with me and who was patient and understanding. He was just the perfect partner for that.”


“It was kind of perfect the way we came into the project because she was coming from this pop background at that time—she had her song “Candy,” and a role in the Princess Diaries—and for me I was into punk rock and so it was like completely opposites attract, or opposites are forced together to work. It was great for the role because that’s how the characters are put together in the movie. Mandy was really nervous, I remember, in the beginning, but once she committed to it she slipped right into the role effortlessly and it just really fit her. She really grew up on that movie.”

… and so did we. <3

The two stars also posted some maaajor #tb movie stills from the film. Landon + Jamie forever!

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