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Nearly A Decade After Reported Feud, Marian And Heart Are All Good Vibes On Insta

The world is healing.
Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista follows each other on Instagram
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte, Instagram/marianrivera

The Internet is going crazy over a recent development between Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista. Netizens discovered that the two celebrities are now Instagram mutuals.

"The world is healing," according to fans who have been waiting for so long to see Marian and Heart interact once again. It's long been rumored that the two queens had a rift after doing a film together.

Fans also heat up the supposed feud over the years. Now, the fashion queens appear to have buried the hatchet. 

"Marian rivera and heart evangelista are here to maximize their joint slay! come through, kweens!" one netizen posted.

Some fans have unearthed one of their performances together, where they were seen dancing and hugging each other.

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With the two being Instagram mutuals, fans think that the two superstars have now moved on from their past differences. We also love how the two are exchanging heart emoji comments! 

How the Marian-Heart feud allegedly started

Marian and Heart last worked together in 2011 for the remake of Temptation Island. Back then, Marian claimed that Heart's mother, Cecile Ongpauco, yelled at her when they met at an airport saying, "Stay away from my daughter."

In a press conference, Heart refuted Marian's claims. She said that there was no interaction between Marian and her mother. Heart also explained that their feud began while filming their last film together, Temptation Island. According to her, Marian barged into her room yelling, "Papatayin ka ng mga fans ko." 

Fans think that it all rooted in the incident when Heart's Twitter account was allegedly hacked and tweeted "marianita bobo" pertaining to Marian in 2011. 


As the issue blew out of proportion at that time, their home network, GMA issued a statement that the feud was the actresses' "personal issues" and should be put to rest in public. Since then, fans never saw them together again. But after this development, we're guessing we can look forward to their future collabs!

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