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So Adorable! Matteo Guidicelli Shouted 'I Love You, Sarah!' While Skydiving

We found a video to prove it!
PHOTO: Instagram/mateoguidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli, who never fails to amaze us, completed his first skydive at the WCC Aviation Binalonan Airfield in Pangasinan on February 25. In an Instagram post dedicated to his popstar girlfriend Sarah Geronimo and his family, Matteo said, "My love, I flew today. Thank you Mama, Papa, and my Sarah for letting me jump out of a plane by myself. Sorry for the stress. I love you guys.

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Matteo's dad Gianluca Guidicelli posted photos of his son, saying, "Good job son on your first jump! It is something I always wanted to do too..."

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A video posted by one of Matteo's skydiving instructors Snooky Cruz shows the entirety of Matteo's jump. We see the view from the camera attached to his helmet and I'm not kidding when I say that it was intense

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"I love you, love! I love you, Sarah!" Matteo says while in midair. He also gives a shoutout to his parents and siblings! You can watch it for yourself in the video below (tip: skip to 4:58 if you can't wait for the super adorbs moment)

Matteo and Sarah, who have been together for five years now, are known for keeping their relationship (really) private. And we TOTALLY respect that, but it's nice to see them in public events such as the 2018 ABS-CBN Ball, Matteo's 2019 concert where he gave her a sweet kiss on the forehead, and when Sarah tried motocross with him for the first time! There were even rumors of an engagement, which Matteo denied, saying that he hasn't proposed yet.  

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