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Matteo Guidicelli Turns Up The Heat As Cosmo's Man On Fire For June

This racer-turned-actor is on the fast track to fame. He sits down with Cosmo to tell us what he loves about girls. PLUS: See hot behind-the-scenes photos!
Though he's only hitting the showbiz big time now, Cebu-based half-Italian cutie Matteo Guidicelli has always been a familiar face--a very, very gorgeous one at that.

He's been in the public eye for years, making a name for himself as a champion kart racer. He's won the Philippine Karter of the Year award three times. Don't you just love a hot guy who drives a really fast car? If that doesn't ring a bell, though, you've also been seeing him on Penshoppe billboards since he was 14 (he's 20 now, FYI), and other big companies like Pepsi and Swatch have tapped him as an endorser.

Aside from being a racer and a model, you can also add "singer" and "actor" to that list. It's a talent that not many people are aware of yet, but Matt has a great voice and a background in theater. He was taking up performing arts (focusing on musical theater) at a university abroad before he decided to come back home to pursue an acting career.

Nowadays, Matt is making waves as leading man Ronnie Aguirre in the hit ABS-CBN teleserye Agua Bendita, in which he co-stars with the lovely, talented, and equally up-and-coming Andi Eigenmann.

Cosmo got to sit down with this busy young star for a quick chat after his June Man on Fire shoot, and naturally, we talked about girls, girls, girls. He wouldn't tell us outright who his showbiz crush is, but his smile (you'll just have to wait to see the video!) says it all.

What do you think makes girls fun?

There's a lot of things! A lot of things. It could be their personality, it could be their looks. I think an adventurous girl would be really fun. You know, she'd like sky diving, like fast cars, like crazy stuff, you know what I'm saying?

What are the things you enjoy doing with girls that you know you can't do with guys? Aside from the obvious.

A lot! (Gives the camera a look and laughs.) I don't know! A lot of things. I mean, there are so many things you can do with girls that you can't do with guys! (Laughs) I think girls are more chill, you know? You could go with them to have dinner, it could be romantic. I guess girls are cooler to be with than guys.

How do you feel about being Cosmo's Man on Fire?

It feels amazing. I can't believe I'm only 20 years old and I'm in Cosmo. It's kinda crazy, but it's really cool, you know? I feel so blessed, and it's really nice.

How do you have fun?

First...I just like chilling, you know? Chilling at home, watching movies. I like fast cars, I like driving. I like making people happy. That makes me have fun.

You've segued from racing and modeling into acting. What do you love best about acting?

The things I've learned in racing before, I use them in acting now. Acting is amazing, because you can portray so many things. You can make up your own character, you can make people feel things you want them to feel.

Any showbiz crushes?

There's a lot of beautiful showbiz girls, but I admire a lot of them.

Could you give us five things you love about girls?

Personality. The physique. A down-to-earth girl. Long hair. And tan!

Click through to the Gallery below to see behind-the-scenes photos of our super hot Man on Fire shoot with Matteo Guidicelli.

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