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May 28, 2014 Conversation Starters: Georgina Wilson And Borgy Manotoc Broke Up But Are Back Together + More!

Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.

1 Model Georgina Wilson admitted that she and longtime boyfriend Borgy Manotoc broke up for a while, but are now back together. "We're good, we're very happy. [We've been together] for over four years, so it's pretty serious," Borgy said. When asked if the two were thinking of getting married, Georgina replied, "Naku, you know, I feel like when [a] relationship feels really good, you're not rushing to get to the next stage," she said. "You're like enjoying the stage that you're in. For me, I love this stage." (ABS-CBN News)

2 Congrats, boys! The Philippine Azkals defeated Maldives in a close 3-2 match at the National Stadium in Male on May 27, Tuesday. The team's win means they are just ONE victory away from securing the 2014 Asian Football Confederation Challenge cup—if they win against Palestine in the finals. If the Azkals bag the overall title, the team will secure a spot in Group D of the 2015 AFC Asian Cup in Japan with Japan, Jordan, and Iraq. (ABS-CBN News)

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3 If you have trouble organizing your apartment, you will LOVE this new invention. Enter the CityHome, a closet that promises to make a 200-square foot apartment three times bigger, because it conveniently hides all your clutter. So how does it differ from your average closet? Well, for starters you can open the drawers and doors just by moving your hands. It totally makes you feel like a superhero, yes? (

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4 Jessica Zafra needs your help! The famed Filipino writer has been in the hospital since Monday, after she was found "disoriented" on the staircase of her apartment building. Jessica was diagnosed with dehydration, resulting in an electrolyte imbalance. She doesn't have health insurance, so she needs all the help she can get! If you're interested in donating money to help pay for her hospitalization, contact her sister Cheryl Zafra at (

5 Check it: A group of students discovered a 7,000-year-old mummy during a trip to Northern Chile. The kids, who were on a trip for their archaeological workshop, were performing excavation work when they found the mummy. Pretty darn cool, huh? (ABS-CBN News)

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