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Maymay Entrata And Edward Barber Answered Questions About Love In Maymay's Very First Vlog

LOL at Maymay's pa-simple moves!
PHOTO: YouTube/Happy Maymay

Maymay Entrata just uploaded her very first vlog, and it was so funny and cute. Her love team partner, Edward Barber, guested on the vlog and helped her answer fans' submitted questions about their thoughts on love.

The vlog had totally chill vibes, with Maymay and Edward dressed down in what looks like a quiet park. They say they were in Japan when they filmed the Q&A.

To make things extra fun, Maymay and Edward did a mukbang by bringing along rice meals and snacks as they answered a fan's question on who they feel are their biggest mentors when it comes to love and relationships. Because they had long answers, they were only able to answer just two questions for the 20-minute video. LOL!

Maymay shared how she knows it's the right time already to enter a relationship.

"'Pag nandun ka na sa point na stable na lahat, yung mga kailangan mo kaya mo na, doon pwede na," Maymay explained. "Para sa akin po, a. Pero 'pag nandyan na po yung taong naghihintay sa 'yo,'wag mo nang pakawalan. Pakawalan mo lang 'pag feeling mo susuko na siya."

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Edward shared how for him, it's experience that's the best mentor when it comes to love.

"You always learn something and the biggest teacher for me is a negative," Edward said. "Ibig sabihin noon fights, arguments. the times where you almost lose that friend, lose that boyfriend, whatever because minsan doon nade-develop yung strength when you get through those problems."

Being her usual fun-loving self, Maymay just had to crack a joke when Edward read the next question about who her favorite Marvel character is.  Instead of naming a Marvel character, she named an anime character. With the occasional playful slap on Edward or touching his hands while reading the questions with him, LOL. So cute!

Maymay was in Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards' movie Hello, Love, Goodbye. Maymay and Edward were together in the recently concluded fantasy series, Hiwaga ng Kambat.

Watch Maymay's first vlog here:

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