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LOOK: Maymay Entrata And Edward Barber Are Hard At Work As They Rehearse For Their Upcoming Concert

Maymay and Edward have been working hard for the big day!

ICYDK, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber are set to have their “M.E. & U” concert on September 27, 2019, at the New Frontier Theatre and it looks like the two stars are hard at work to give their fans the best concert ever.

Star Magic released a series of photos on Instagram of Maymay and Edward practicing their dance moves for the big day:

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Meanwhile, director Alco Guerrero posted a series of photos with Maymay and Edward during rehearsals and the director had high praises for MayWard’s chemistry and work ethic.

In one post featuring Edward, Alco wrote, “The secret to MayWard is the man Edward Barber is to become, the man who has to lead MayWard to that promised land called love. And we’ll always call him Ed [because] he’s a boy.”

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The director added, “For ‘M.E. & U’ Edward has taken more dances than he could ever imagine. Serendipity was the start, having him sell Maymay the idea of love as destiny via his invitation of dance, ‘M.E. & U’ will continue that story, as Mr. Barber becomes the man. So here he is exhausted, down dirty to the work. Perfect.”

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Alco followed up with another post as Maymay played the guitar. The director shared what fans can expect to see in the upcoming show. Alco wrote, “Today’s rehearsals [were] for a centerpiece number, one that would finally have Maymay and Edward play guitar and piano, respectively, and today, the dynamic of MayWard revealed itself in a whole different way.” 

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Speaking about Maymay and Edward’s dance rehearsals, the director commented, “This one was tiring for Maymay and Edward, as of course, things have to be better than before. They know it, there’s a quiet to them and a quiet in the room as they ask for run after run from Nesh.”

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Alco added, “Early on, I warned them that this show would tire them out [as] they’ve never been tired. How did both of them respond? They asked for more rehearsals. Lots more. That’s MayWard for you, understanding work and the heart and the dream of flight all over again.”

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