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Megan Young And Mikael Daez Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone In Iceland

Megan and Mikael's adventure is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone.

ICYDK, our favorite travel couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez are currently feeling chilly in Iceland.

On April 22, Mikael shared a photo describing their first 36 hours in the country. Mikael said in his post that they’ve underestimated the cold and had to buy so many extra layers.

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In another post, Mikael shared that he and Megan fought off the cold at 7 a.m. and stripped down to their swimwear to jump into a cute mini hot spring.

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Megan shared that she has a fear of heights. She said, “I told myself to take a deep breath whenever I would get scared, remember the beauty surrounding me then just laugh about it.”

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According to Megan, one of the most memorable photos of the trip was seeing the northern lights, even if they were not expecting to see it.

Apart from taking in the beautiful sights of Iceland, Megan and Mikael’s journey is all about going on an adventure and discovering themselves.

Megan said, “[I] didn’t think I’d be doing adventures like this. Hiking up mountains, passing thru rivers, and getting to see the beauty of the world. Happy that I get to experience all this with you @mikaeldaez”

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Meanwhile, Mikael recalled how Megan used to be scared of everything. Mikael said in his post on April 24, “Over the years, a crazy fofo kept trying to take her on adventures. Jumping cliffs, climbing mountains, eating bugs and uncooked fish were some of the many things that Bonez (Megan) refused to do.”

He continued, “Eventually, she would give in and take the leap of faith. To her surprise, she enjoyed (and fell in love in the process LOL). But more importantly, she found the courage in her to try out new things. And now, she willingly leads the crazy fofo to the next great adventure.”

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“Having courage doesn’t mean you don’t show fear. It’s being able to try things out despite your fear,” Mikael wrote.

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