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Megan Young And Mikael Daez Reveal Why They Kept Their Relationship A ‘Big Secret’

We can't get enough of the deets.
PHOTO: Instagram/mikaeldaez

The relationship of Megan Young and Mikael Daez has been through all phases of secrecy, and we’re all ears on the backstory. They recently uploaded the third installment of their podcast “Behind Relationship Goals.”

Being single = being careful

At the start, the couple agreed to make their relationship a secret mainly due to work reasons. In their candid conversation, they shared that back in 2011 when Mikael was starting out as GMA talent, the network’s intent was “to create a love team for Mikael and market him as a single actor.” Megan was an ABS-CBN talent then and wanted to be single in image.


Mikael shared, “It was a balancing act…now that it’s a secret, who do we tell who do we not tell? Who do you trust.”

Megan for her part also worried: “What was marked in my head was, I cannot tell people about it. Can I tell my friends about it? What about people I worked with?... I feel so bad whenever I have to tell a lie. Every time people would ask me, ‘Who’s your boyfriend?’ I’d feel so bad when I had to say, 'Wala e!'... What would be the consequences if the wrong people found out? We would get in trouble with the network if our bosses found out.”

They were so focused on prioritizing their new careers that Mikael and Megan even had rules. “This is how we kept the relationship a secret. I had a rule that we could not visit one another at the workplace even if nobody knew, even if just in the car. Bawal ang isa’t isa. I needed that more than you. I was learning a lot of new things,” confessed Mikael.

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Being comfortable in showbiz led to being an “open secret”

Two years later, their relationship became transparent among friends and co-stars. They kept mum with the press, though. Then, Megan decided to join Miss World. Mikael found that the need for him to step back “intensified." He was willing to.

Once, he visited Megan in Indonesia which hosted Miss World, as part of a surprise because he ~simply~ missed her. Megan recalled, “The one rule I had for you was that you can’t touch me…hold my hand.. when we see each other wave lang. Kahit high five bawal.”

The couple moved on to being seen in public together going on dates. “We wouldn’t hide. But we wouldn’t be PDA. We won’t hold hands…hug…or kiss public… We’d go out to movies like barkada. We’d hang out like barkada,” Megan shared.

Nothing was in the way when Mikael officially admitted

“[Then] there was nothing stopping us anymore. Megan’s in the same network. Everything that used to stop us—Miss World…love team—they were all gone,” Mikael shared about the timing of his public admission in a presscon on February 11, 2017.


He admitted, "To our surprise, there were a lot of people who were shocked that we were together for six years... For boyfriend and girlfriend, ang tagal nun….that number was the eye-catcher."

Mikael posted a couple photo on Instagram on February 13, 2017. He captioned it “6."

These two are truly world-class relationship-goals material.