Meghan Accidentally Exposed Her Bra And The Internet Overreacted

People wear bras! Calm down!

Last Saturday, Meghan Markle celebrated her 37th birthday by attending the wedding of Prince Harry's best friend Charlie van Straubenzee. And, per usual, she looked extremely chic in a Club Monaco dress, paired with Aquazzura shoes, and a Philip Treacy hat.

But apparently at one point Meghan's dress unbuttoned and showed just a hint of her black lace bra, and naturally, the internet is spiraling over her having a "wardrobe malfunction." (To be clear, if a "wardrobe malfunction" is accidentally showing an inch of your bra, I have one every damn day.)

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It honestly looks like Meghan's dress may have been styled to show a little lace, but either way, this isn't that big of a deal? Women wear bras.

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Unfortunately, because the internet is obsessed with policing what Meghan wears, social media isn't exactly at its best right now:

Again, louder for the people at the back: Women! Wear! Bras! And it's also fine not to wear a bra! Basically, what people do with their undergarments is none of anyone's business, the end.

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