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You Have To Hear Michelle Dee's Answers To Boy Abunda's Miss Universe Mock Q&A

Michelle was asked, 'Amidst the ongoing wars in some parts of the world, as a queen, what can you do?'
Michelle Dee Miss Universe
PHOTO: Instagram/michelledee

For pageant fans, Miss Universe has always been an avenue for women around the world to showcase their beauty, intelligence, and heart, with most beauty queens using their platform not just for personal advancement but also in helping change the world for the better.

That said, the pageant’s Q&A session has always been a must-watch portion, as the lead candidates give thought-provoking answers that serve as the jury’s deciding factor on who will take the crown.

This year’s Pinay contender Michelle Dee clearly did the hard work preparing herself for the upcoming competition this month, as evidenced in her recent mock Q&A with Boy Abunda. ICYMI, the Miss Universe-Philippines 2023 titleholder gamely answered two challenging questions thrown by the host—and boy did she totally showed that she's ready for the real thing.

Below, check out her sensible answers:

Tito Boy: “Miss Philippines, why is it important to have more women leaders in society?”


Michelle: “Essentially, I believe if we have more women leaders it’ll be a reflection of a more diverse, inclusive, and empowered world. You know women have this innate quality of being empathetic, understanding, and compassionate. The statistics will show only a third of the leaders around the world are women. And with that representation, we can really amplify the voices of women to make sure that all the opportunities and the social issues such as gender-based violence and the lack of women education around the world are addressed and that every woman feels that she has a seat at the table as well.

Tito Boy: “Amidst the ongoing wars in some parts of the world, as a queen what can you do?”

Michelle: “Tito Boy, nobody wins at war. There are only countries that should be safe spaces for their citizens. Those are ruined, families are torn apart, and most especially the children, they are exposed to so much fear and violence at such a young age when they should be fostering a happy life and a happy childhood. If I were Miss Universe, I would really use my platform to leverage and promote inclusivity to promote you know, cooperation and understanding for all these leaders, especially conflicting nations [to] really work together because we should all live in a world that's peaceful, that is united, and that is safe for everybody. Thank you.”

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Check out the full video here:

Fast Talk with Boy Abunda: Michelle Dee, napasalang sa Q&A with the ‘King of Talk!’ (Episode 198)

We’re rooting for you, Michelle. Break a leg!

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