Miley Cyrus Was Groped While Walking With Liam Hemsworth And It’s Horrible

This is not okay.
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  • Miley Cyrus was groped by a random man this weekend while walking to her car in Barcelona, Spain, with Liam Hemsworth.
  • The man attempted to kiss Miley and even grabbed her hair before security intervened and she was able to get away.

A really awful video of Miley Cyrus being physically groped by a random stranger has surfaced online, and it’s upsetting, to say the least. In the video, Miley and her husband, Liam Hemsworth, can be seen leaving their hotel in Barcelona, Spain, where they had to walk through an extremely packed group of fans to get to their car.

The video—which is currently making its way around Twitter—is kind of a lot to watch, so we won’t embed it here. But in the footage, Miley is walking behind Liam when a man starts grabbing her hair and body and then eventually attempts to kiss her. Miley can be seen trying to get away before security guards realize what’s going on and quickly separate her from the man. Meanwhile, Liam also realizes something’s up and reaches back to put his arm around Miley.

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This wildly inappropriate behavior is obviously 100 percent never ever everrr okay, and it’s really awful that Miley—or any woman, celebrity or not—would have to deal with something like this. As of now, Miley hasn’t commented on this incident on any of her social media channels, and she’s busy promoting her new EP, She Is Coming, which we should all listen to right away because it freakin’ rules.

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