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Mimiyuuuh Reveals Her Parents Got COVID: 'Akala ko po mawawala na yung nanay ko sa harapan ko'

'My mental state po at that time last April [was] the worst.'
PHOTO: Instagram/mimiyuuuh

Mimiyuuuh has finally uploaded new content on her YouTube after a one-month absence. In her recent video, the vlogger got real about the real reason why she has not been active on the social media platform for a while. 

"Naka-experience po kami ng very traumatic incident, opo. My parents po had COVID."


Mimiyuuuh said it all started when her parents went away on an outing with her sister. At first, she said she was a bit apprehensive because of the sudden surge in COVID cases, but thought it would be an enjoyable experience for her mom who is getting older.

Things started to go wrong when they noticed spots on her mom's back and legs. And in the days that followed, she also started showing signs of extreme fatigue. This prompted their family to seek a home service visit from a doctor, which made them find out that Mimiyuuuh's mom already had pneumonia. They also had her tested for COVID via a blood test, which came out negative. Since they knew these blood tests could at times result in false negatives, they scheduled an RT-PCR test for her.

Things got even more complicated. While waiting for the results to be e-mailed the following day, their family celebrated the birthday of Mimiyuuuh's dad. Mimiyuuuh overlooked the message in her inbox because her handler had already read the result that her mother was positive for COVID. They quickly transferred Mimiyuuuh's mom to her own room since it was the only room in the house that had its own bathroom. Mimiyuuuh's family was clueless about what to do. From that day, nobody left the house and everyone wore face masks.

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When a doctor checked up on her mom and shared her oxygen level was at a critical level, they bought an oxygen tank, medicines, and vitamins, and decided to bring her to a hospital.

"April 9 po is the worst day ever, opo, in my entire life," Mimiyuuuh said. That day, her dad and siblings all got swabbed for COVID. When they were transferring their mom to a vehicle and had to temporarily disconnect her oxygen supply, she fainted.


"Sobrang nagulat po kami, biglang sumisigaw na yung kapatid ko, ‘Nay! ‘Nay! ‘Nay!’ Gumaganun siya. So kami, lahat kami, nataranta na. So lumapit kami kay Inay, sumugod kami sa kanya. Nahimatay na pala ang nanay ko. Tapos nakita ko po yung nanay ko, grabe, yung mata niya po parang tumitirik na po, para po siyang isda na nakawala sa tubig, opo, ganun po yung experience. Parang alam mo yung nagga-grasp po siya ng hangin? Sobrang hirap na hirap po siyang huminga."

"Grabe yung experience kaya po umiyak na lang din po ako kasi parang akala ko po mawawala na yung nanay ko sa harapan ko," Mimiyuuuh added.


What made matters worse was while Mimiyuuuh's siblings and uncle were on their way to the hospital, the wrong hospital was pinned on Waze, costing them an additional 40 minutes. Because the hospital was full, they had to go back home.

"Dito po talaga na-test kami as a family and at the same time, yung faith ko po. Kasi for the longest time po, sobrang napalayo po ako kay Lord. Napadasal po ako, at the same time, sobrang nagi-guilty po ako kasi parang ang kapal naman ng mukha ko, magdadasal lang ako ‘pag may kailangan ako. Tapos po nung mga masasayang moments naman po, ni minsan hindi po ako nagpasalamat sa kanya. ‘Lord, pa’no po ba ‘to malalampasan ‘tong problema na ‘to? Help us, Lord.' Sobrang grabe yung kapit ko kay Lord at that time."

Thankfully, a doctor friend gave Mimiyuuuh's number to another hospital, which soon got in touch to inform them they could bring their mom for admission.


That same day, April 9, they would find out that Mimiyuuuh's father tested positive for COVID. They transferred their dad this time in her bedroom for isolation. Thankfully, he only experienced mild symptoms like coughing and fever on some days.

The X-ray scan of Mimiyuuuh's mother revealed that phlegm had spread all over her lungs. Their family feared that she would be intubated. Meanwhile, Mimiyuuuh stayed at a friend's house so she could keep safe while continuing working.


Eventually, Mimiyuuuh's mom got better, did not need to be intubated, and was able to go home after the whole family tested negative for COVID and the entire house had been disinfected.

"’Yon po ang reason kung bakit kailangan ko po mag-break from vlogging kasi my mental state po at that time last April [was] the worst," Mimiyuuuh said. "Promise, it [was] the worst."

"Mabuhay po ang mga medical workers po all over the country and all over the world," she added. "They really deserve the best, opo, at grabe po yung sakripisyo na binibigay nila, opo, halos ibigay na po nila ang kanilang kaluluwa dito sa trabaho na ito makapagsagip lang po ng buhay."

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