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Miss Philippines-Earth 2016 Explains Her Hitler 'Joke'

'Oh my God! Our President is doing Hitler stuff here in the Philippines!'

Miss Philippines-Earth 2016 Imelda Bautista Schweighart is now at the center of a social media maelstrom after blurting out that President Rodrigo Duterte was doing "Hitler stuff" in the Philippines.

Schweighart happened to bring up the awful subject of Adolf Hitler—the leader of Nazi Germany who orchestrated the massacre of 6 million Jews during World War II—in a Facebook Live video.

Schweighart had asked Miss Earth Austria 2016 Kimberly Budinsky if Hitler was from her country.

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This is how their conversation played out:

Schweighart: So, is Hitler from Austria?
Budinsky: OK, that's a bad question because we normally don't talk about Hitler. But, yeah, he is.
Schweighart: Oh my God! Our President is doing Hitler stuff here in the Philippines!
Budinsky (obviously uncomfortable): That's crazy. Well...that's how it is. Were we... Are we live?
Schweighart: On my Facebook.

"Schweighart immediately deleted the video after drawing flak from netizens who criticized her reckless remarks. However, a copy of the video is still available on the Facebook page called Pageant Central," reports ABS-CBN News Online.

Schweighart later posted what she probably hoped would pass for an apology on her Facebook page. She wrote: "I am half-German that is the reason why I talked to a fellow delegate about 'Hitler' so casually [because she is] Austrian. Because all my life I am always teased by fellow Filipinos as 'Hitler' because they are not well informed that Hitler was not German. In fact, Hitler was Austrian. So, when I saw my fellow delegate I made a soft joke about it out of my excitement."

Check out Schweighart's unedited statement below:

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Truth be told, many people got even more confused by her explanation for her Hitler reference. And, of course, the trolls have descended on her Facebook page.