Miss Philippines-Earth 2016 Jokingly Compares Herself To Einstein

We don't know if the theory of relativity can be used to explain this.
PHOTO: Facebook/Imelda Schweighart Official

"Natatawa po ako na nasaktan syempre. Pero parang nonsense naman po for me 'yung nangyari (I laughed but I was also hurt. But then again for me, it seemed like what happened was nonsense)."

This was what Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Imelda Bautista Schweighart said in a phone patch interview aired over dzMM when she was asked about the negative feedback she got for her "Hitler comment."

Social media was abuzz when Schweighart happened to bring up the awful subject of Adolf Hitler—the leader of Nazi Germany who orchestrated the massacre of 6 million Jews during World War II—in a Facebook Live video.

Schweighart had exclaimed, "Oh my God! Our President is doing Hitler stuff here in the Philippines!"

During her radio interview, Ahwel Paz and Jobert Sucaldito—hosts of the dzMM show Sakto—read text messages from listeners. One text message referred to Schweighart as "parang baliw (seemingly crazy)."

Schweighart couldn't let the "crazy" critique go. She said, "Dun sa nagsabi na parang baliw [ako], pwede ba akong may sabihin? Si Einstein po kasi, si Einstein, napagkakamalang baliw (To the one who said I seem crazy, can I say something? Because Einstein, Einstein was mistakenly called crazy)."

She added, "And karamihan ng mga intelligent people ay pinagkakamalang baliw at may pagkabaliw (And a lot of intelligent people are incorrectly called crazy or somewhat crazy)."

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