11 Reasons To Love Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray

There's more to her than meets the eye!
PHOTO: Instagram/catriona_gray, Photographed by Dookie Ducay

The Philippines has undoubtely had its fair share of wins when it comes to international beauty pageants.

After Megan Young took home the crown in 2013, Filipino-Scottish Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray became a strong contender for the title as she made waves in the pageant. Here are 11 reasons why she was a crowd favorite and why she makes us proud:

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1. She knows how to work her angles

2. She manages to have fun despite her busy schedule.

3. She looks stunning in a bikini

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4. And even in a one-piece swimsuit!

5. She values friendship.

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6. She helps promote the beauty of the Philippines through her travels.

7. She's super fierce!

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8. But is also a free spirit.

9. She believes in change and is actually doing something about it.

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10. She encourages others to keep going.

11. And she looks stunning wearing a crown!

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This story originally appeared on Femalenetwork.com.

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