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Mo Twister, Rufa Mae Quinto: Are They At War Again?

The Showbiz Central co-hosts are at it again, this time over his Tweet about Mikey Arroyo being her alleged fiance.

Two weeks after smoking the peace pipe (after a long time of not speaking to each other), could the Showbiz Central co-hosts once again be in the middle of a heated exchange of words, possibly mixed with a few tears?

In his Twitter, Mo Twister wrote, “mark my word, let me proclaim, i believe rufa mae quinto is engaged to mikey arroyo. Who wants to bet im wrong?” The Mikey being referred to here is of course the “just-sue-me” presidential son Mikey Arroyo, who is still married, last time we checked.

This writer sought Rufa Mae Quinto’s comment, and we quote full her response: “Nanlamig ako at sumakit ang tiyan ko kasi two weeks pa lang nung pinansin ko siya. Of course am not engaged [to] him. Mag-i-enjoy lang si Mo 'pag pinatulan ko siya ulit. Pinasa-Diyos ko na lang lahat. Kung 'di sila masaya para sa ibang tao, that’s life. At least alam ko kung sino friend ko and dahil ganiyan sila, pinagpupustahan pa ako. Masakit, sana nagtanong muna siya sa akin. Marami rin akong alam sa kanya, buti pa kayo nagtatanong muna.”

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