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Moira Dela Torre On Her Nose Injury: 'This is where God placed me. I’m not gonna waste it.'

Moira talked about an injury involving her nose.

During her recent appearance on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Moira Dela Torre got personal and talked about her insecurities.

Boy Abunda asked Moira what side people don’t see about her. The singer shared, “I’m a very reserved person and whenever people try to change me or try to make me feel like I’m not safe to be myself, I fold.”

The singer said that she doesn’t feel safe when she’s judged and shared that during the taping of Idol, she got very conscious. Moira shared, “I was going through something medical and it took away my confidence in terms of kapag nag-try ako magsalita. Alam ko kung saan sila nakatingin na sa sugat ko.

When Boy asked for clarification, Moira revealed that she had an injury on her face. “My nose went on necrosis. So bulok siya from the inside out.”

Moira’s medical condition, which is a form of cell injury that results in the premature death of cells in the living tissue, has not stopped her from doing her duties as a judge on Idol Philippines. Instead, she learned how to embrace it.

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Moira called the ordeal a tough time. She said, “I know that just like everyone, I will be better. And I know that I am good and that I’m smart, and I have something to say.”

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“I am in the process of embracing that truth about me and trying to battle all my insecurities and say, you know what, this is where God placed me. All the listeners gave me the chance to have a position like this, and I’m not gonna waste it,” Moira said.

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