MOMOLAND Is In Manila And We Just Met Them!

Welcome to the Philippines, MOMOLAND!
PHOTO: Mixi Ignacio/Cosmopolitan

In August 2018, MOMOLAND flew to the Philippines with seven out of nine girls, namely:

Jooe (Lee Joo Won)

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Nancy (Nancy Jewel McDonie)

Hyebin (Lee Hye Bin)

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Ahin (Lee Ah In)

Jane (Sung Ji Yeon)

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Taeha (Kim Taeha)

and Daisy (Yoo Jung Ahn)

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Thanks to Facebook and Viu Philippines, we, along with other members of the press, got to meet MOMOLAND briefly. The girls are in town for a private event but have felt the warm welcome of their Filipino fans. 

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Jooe mentioned that when she found out they were coming to the Philippines, she watched two tutorials on how to speak Tagalog.

So what Tagalog words do they remember? 

Ahin: Mahal kita. 

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Daisy: Salamat. 

Did you know that Nancy has been to the Philippines before? Liza Soberano's "twin" visited Bonito Island where she ate a lot of mangoes and pineapples! 

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The MOMOLAND members expressed their appreciation for all the love they've been getting from their Filipino Merries. Daisy said, "I see on Twitter all the gatherings that you guys celebrate our birthdays. That's very thoughtful. Thank you so much."

They promised to come back very soon, and ended the press conference with a few moves from their hit song, "Baam!"

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