10 Of The Most-Traveled Local Young Celebs

These globetrotters are every traveler's dream.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/lizasoberano, (RIGHT) Instagram/mainedcm

Touchdown! Despite their busy schedules, these celebrities find time to satisfy their wanderlust once in a while. Looking for your next big trip inspiration? Check out our list of well-traveled artistas!

  1. Nadine Lustre

    This girl is going places, literally and figuratively. She has scaled the mountains and swam the seas, and we can only scroll through her Instagram feed in envy. We have to admit, having James Reid makes her trips all the more IG-worthy ;)

  2. Maine Mendoza

    Maine goes to the beach one day and experiences the snow on another. Having checked off multiple must-see countries like Japan, USA, Maldives, and the UK off her bucket list, we wonder where this trendy jet-setter is headed to next!

  3. Bela Padilla

    Bela is obsessed with the beach, the sun, sand, and sea. But her 2018 film was set on the totally different but equally gorgeous backdrop of St. Gallen in Switzerland. She also got to enjoy stopovers at Berlin and Rome, which look totally worth the 'gram.

  4. Lovi Poe

    When she's not too busy sizzling up the showbiz industry, we see her casually strolling in Venice, sunbathing in Saint-Tropez, or even enjoying a delicious burger in Amsterdam. Lovi is indeed living her best life in every zip code, with showstopping photos to match.

  5. Andi Eigenmann

    Who doesn't love this feisty girl and her adventures? From surfing on the beach to skating on the streets, her Instagram hashtag #MermaidWanders is a lesson on unapologetic cool. Follow her chill island sessions in Siargao, Baler, Palawan, and more!

  6. Coleen Garcia

    We have faithfully followed her picturesque vacations in New York, Africa, and even her sexy bachelorette party in Hawaii. We're getting serious #TravelGoals material from all the breathtaking views!

  7. Yassi Pressman

    This free spirit is always out and about, ready to soak up experiences wherever she goes. We love how Yassi is so game to try anything, may it be high-drop rollercoasters in HK, buggy rides in Bali, or even eating exotic worms in Bohol!

  8. Glaiza De Castro

    Glaiza takes on the road less traveled with unique destinations such as Nepal and Bhutan. We can't get enough of her awesome photos, racking up thousands of likes with her hilarious captions with buddy Angelica Panganiban.

  9. Liza Soberano

    Liza spent Christmas 2017 blessing our feeds with her pre-birthday Eurotrip celebration, and her posts are the stuff of our dreams. Just when you though the Eiffel Tower couldn't get any prettier, try adding her in the foreground. Perfection.

  10. Pia Wurtzbach

    Lastly, who could forget the queen of the world (or the universe, rather)? From New York to Bangkok to Dubai, we bet Pia sashays through airports as fiercely as she would on the catwalk.

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