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Mother And Daughter Beat Up Cellphone Snatchers


Riding-in-tandem snatchers were in for a surprise after what they initially thought was an easy robbery turned out to be their biggest mistake.

Security footage aired by GMA’s QRT program showed the suspects snatching the cellphone of a nurse, who was walking along a street in Sta. Mesa, Manila.

Little did they know that along their escape route, the victim’s mother was already waiting to intercept them since she saw the whole incident.

The mother, with outstretched arms— ala patintero—blocked the path of the fleeing suspects and hurled herself towards them when they tried to outmaneuver her.

She was run over by the motorcycle, but the suspects also got outbalanced and fell hard on the concrete and were still able to make a run for it.

At this point, the victim and some bystanders chased and cornered one of the suspects and started beating him up.

The victim’s mother who was seen holding her back in pain as she stood up, reportedly went in to join the beating of the suspect.

Unfortunately, the other suspect was able to escape.

Meanwhile, the apprehended suspect who drove the motorcycle and snatched the victim’s phone is currently detained at the Manila Police District station 8.

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