A Video Of Nadine Lustre 'Snubbing' A Fan Goes Viral

Did she or didn't she?
PHOTO: Instagram/jellyeugenio

Nadine Lustre—you know, one-half of the biggest love team in the country, was caught on video allegedly snubbing a fan who wanted to have a picture taken with her. Hmmm… Sounds like the usual celeb-fan drama, tbh.

Watch this 7-second clip, and you'll see Nadine, flanked by beau James Reid, being approached by a fan holding her phone and seemingly requesting for a selfie. Nadine notices the girl but then continues walking with James along with the film crew behind them.

Jump to the 10-second mark to see the clip:


As expected, JaDine fans defended their Queen from all the online hate she received. Some fan accounts also posted candid videos of her NOT snubbing her fans. Touché, JaDine Army.

Even the fan in the viral vid defended Nadine. Twitter user @mchljllcbls clarified the whole issue: No pictures were allowed on set of the shooting of the JaDine summer movie This Time. And that, yes, everyone should just stop with the hate. 

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