NBC Won't Push Through With The Show Featuring A Pinay Mail-Order Bride

Many people slammed the in-development sitcom for glorifying the trafficking of women.
PHOTO: Facebook/Mail Order Family, (EMOJI) Emoji Island

Just recently, we reported that NBC green-lit the sitcom Mail Order Family, which is about an American widower who brings in a Filipina mail-order bride to help raise his kids.

Jackie Clarke and Ruben Fleishcer, the duo behind NBC's Superstore, are the creators of Mail Order Family.

Many people expressed their outrage over the show, accusing its creators of glorifying the trafficking of women. Clarke responded to these accusations by saying, "It's just an element of the show. I'm going to create a complex character here." 

The Hollywood Reporter quotes NBC Universal's explanation behind the sitcom: "We purchased the pitch with the understanding that it would tell the creator's [Jackie Clarke] real-life experience of being raised by a strong Filipina stepmother after the loss of her own mother."

The statement then reveals, "The writer and producers have taken the sensitivity to the initial concept to heart and have chosen not to move forward with the project at this time."

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