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Scam Alert! Woman Gets Call From Man Claiming To Be Her Hired Killer

It's the latest extortion scam, apparently.

At around 8:15 p.m. on Wednesday, November 2, real estate agent Nicole Caluza received a call from a man who introduced himself as "Alex Guererro" with the mobile number 0995-544-5957.

Caluza was taken aback when the man proceeded to tell her that someone had hired him and his group to kill her and her family.

In her interview with InterAksyon, Caluza recalled that prior to getting the man's call, she had been fiddling with her phone's settings and it began to record calls automatically.

Caluza told InterAksyon: "I had a choice to make: Do I put the phone down? Do I keep talking to this person? Should I be rude? Should I just play it subtle? But I realized very quickly that it was a scam, and I remembered that the call was being auto-recorded by my phone."

The man indicated that Caluza only had to pay him a certain amount of cash so that the so-called hit against her wouldn't push through. The man also instructed her to call him back so that he could give her more details on how she could send the money through a local fund transfer service.

The report noted: "Caluza later decided to upload the saved audio to warn others of the new criminal tactic, which has apparently surfaced following the spate of extrajudicial and vigilante-style killings related to President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs."

Caluza has likewise filed a complaint with the police and submitted the recording to the National Telecommunications Commission.

Caluza said that the most that the police could do was "advise her to change her SIM, block Guererro's number, and have the incident recorded in a blotter."

"The result was less than impressive and I don't think I'll get any results there. It seemed like there was no coordination between the police and other (agencies). As soon as he heard it was a prank call, that was it," she said.

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