All The Songs You Need To Listen To This October!

Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, Tove Lo, DNCE, and Bruno Mars doing his disco-funk magic!
PHOTO: Youtube/Bruno Mars

“Perfect Illusion” by Lady Gaga

Perfect for: Wailing away the pain of a love gone sour.

“It wasn't love, it wasn't love, it was a perfect illusion,” Gaga brays in the lead single off her upcoming album Joanne. Mother Monster has explained that the disco-rock tune is a commentary on the fakeness that abounds in social media, but we wouldn’t be surprised if her recent split from ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney had something to do with those lyrics.

“My Way” by Calvin Harris

Perfect for: Finally being free from a situation that’s been pulling you down.

With its repeating chant of “You were the one thing in my way,” it’s easy to assume that the Scottish DJ’s new track is a clapback at his ex, Taylor Swift. However, Calvin reveals that the song’s actually about “breaking out of a situation that you thought was a good thing”—whether it’s a job or a relationship. We’ll take your word for it, hon.

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“Trust Nobody” by Cashmere Cat feat. Selena Gomez and Tory Lanez

Perfect for: When you want to get it on, but your trust issues get in the way.

After working with the likes of Britney Spears and Ariana Grande, the rising Norwegian producer reels in other big names for his fire new single. Over a skittering electronic backdrop, Sel seduces with her low, breathy vocals while Tory slithers in with his own sexy verse. Trust issues never sounded hotter.

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“Influence” by Tove Lo feat. Wiz Khalifa

Perfect for: Remembering all the cray things you did while you were drunk.

In the second single off her new album Lady Wood, the Swedish singer rasps about the sexual boldness that comes after downing drinks and doing drugs. Not surprising subject matter for someone whose album title basically means “female hard-on.”

“All We Know” by The Chainsmokers

Perfect for: That moment you’re contemplating breaking up with your guy. Again. 

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A lot like the chart-topper “Closer,” “All We Know” is bittersweet and contemplative—a break from the EDM duo’s earlier bass-dropping hits. It’s “a story of fading lovers,” according to a tweet by The Chainsmokers on the day of the song’s release.

“Drum” by MØ

Perfect for: Trying to stay strong as you part ways with someone.

The Danish singer-songwriter dishes another head-bopping earworm, but this time it’s got a less-than-cheery message. “We gotta take a break / And I promise it’s alright / It’s your life,” she assures someone—presumably a lover—she’s been drifting away from. Hand us a tissue so we can cry while we dance, please.

“Body Moves” by DNCE

Perfect for: Getting primed for a night of sexing.

Joe Jonas sings about coming home and “rocking those body moves” in this groovy tune that’s bound to get you swaying. It’s also featured in a new Victoria's Secret promo video, and we all know how much hotter a song gets just from having a few VS Angels flip their hair and shake their booties to it.

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“24K Magic” by Bruno Mars

Perfect for: Showing off your silly dance moves.

After 2013’s “Treasure” and 2014’s “Uptown Funk” with Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars continues his disco-funk streak with the fun new track off his upcoming third album. Blast it at the next party and watch people scramble to do their thang on the dance floor.

“My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande

Perfect for: The weekend slowdown with your man.

Ari and Mac recently made their relationship Instagram-official, and at the heels of this revelation came a soulful, easygoing duet from the two about taking it slow in a new love. Mac’s raw, throaty rap-singing + Ari’s crystal-clear trills = a slow jam both you and your man will dig.

“Cranes in the Sky” by Solange

Perfect for: When you need to cut the BS out of your life and just be ~real~.

Solange has just released her new album A Seat at the Table, and in it is this silky, mesmerizing song with an equally breathtaking visual that’s about running away from painful feelings instead of facing them head-on. Slow down, give it a spin, and finally be honest about your feels, ladies.

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