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Nick Jonas Delivered Alcohol To Some Lucky Ladies And We Are Jealous

See what we did there? #Jealous

Earlier this week, Nick Jonas rode around Los Angeles to deliver alcohol to the homes of unsuspecting fans, after signing up to be a delivery boy for the mobile app Saucey. The app itself is pretty cool, as customers who are in dire need of some booze can have some delivered by simply ordering through their smartphones. 

Saucey customer Claire Gendel ordered some alcoholic beverages after she got a notification from the  app claiming there were rumors Nick was making deliveries in California.

She told E! News: "We were running out of vodka anyways but I never thought he'd show up with my delivery, let alone perform in my living room! It was crazy! 

"He poured everyone shots and took photos. He was super nice."

Another customer, Ellen Sweeney, added: "Nick was so nice. Super charming and down to earth. Great guy. And I was totally surprised. 

"He showed up and sang two songs—"Jealous" and "Chains"—and we each had a glass of wine and cheered and all that. After the songs, we chatted for a bit. He was so nice. It was insane!"

The former Jonas Brothers singer, who made around 10 deliveries throughout the night, actually hinted that he was teaming up with the alcohol delivery app on Twitter earlier that day. 


Nick Jonas and alcohol delivery? Can someone bring that to Manila? Because this is how we're feeling right now: 


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