The Many Times Nico Bolzico Trolled Erwan Heussaff On IG

#Erco forever.
PHOTO: (ERWAN) Instagram/erwan, (NICO) Instagram/nicobolzico

We all know that Argentinian businessman/influencer (Uuyyy!) Nico Bolzico absolutely loves trolling his dear wifezilla Solenn Heussaff on social media. But there's another person in Nico's life who he loves to tease: his brother-in-law Erwan Heussaff.

We compiled the best IG posts where #Erco showed some "brotherly love." Get ready for major LOLs!

Nico's first trolling pic for Erwan aka "P*ssy Magnet" on his birthday in 2014:

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Love this side-by-side of Nico and Erwan's twinning magazine covers!

Here's Nico teasing Erwan as Jean Claude van "Anne." LOL!!!

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How can we forget Nico's parody of Erwan's French tutorial vid?! Pure genius.

And even when Nico called a truce, he still ended up shading Erwan:

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But Erwan did try to get even with Nico a couple of times. Here's an edited version of the Spanish video with some HILARIOUS subs:

And Erwan's subtle IG hack on Nico's account. #idol

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But we all know this is all out of love 'cause, really, it's #Erco forever. <3 (Sorry, Sos & Anne!)

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