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Watch Olivia Manzano Reyes Sing To Newborn Baby Sister Amelia

Olivia is such a sweet ate to Amelia!

Last weekend, Andi Manzano gave birth to her second daughter, Amelia, and her Ate Olivia has been nothing but sweet and affectionate towards her baby sister.

With dad GP Reyes’ help, Olivia adorably sings “These Foolish Things,” which has been sung by artists like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, to Amelia, who seems to be listening intently to their voices. Andi captioned the post, “This is why I love being a mom.”

Here you can see Olivia carefully holding Amelia for the first time. Andi said, “This melts my heart. We always talked about her carrying her baby sister when she’s born and now she finally is.”

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Last night was Olivia’s first time to sleep without either parent by her side as Andi and GP spent the night at the hospital with Amelia. Posting a video of Olivia saying good night, GP said, “What a trooper. Such a good girl this one. (Takes after her mother, yes, I’ll admit.) We’ll be home tomorrow, my love. You’ll always be my first. And you’re already an awesome ate."

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