This Olympian Couple With 10 Gold Medals Know They Are The Ultimate #CoupleGoals

The babies they're gonna have, tho.
PHOTO: Getty

Laura Trott, 24, became Great Britain's most successful female Olympian when she won her fourth gold medal for cycling. Jason Kenny, 28, tied an existing Great Britain record and won his sixth cycling gold. In September, they'll be married and might start popping out future Ledecky-level Olympian babies, but until then, the internet is obsessed with them and their beautiful, golden coupledom.

The pair celebrated their victories (and confirmed the whole Ledecky baby to-be thing) on social media:

And the internet panicked in response:

The pair's 10 medals do put them higher than most countries on the leader board, according to Mashable. If Trott-Kenny were their own country, they'd place 13th overall.

Not bad.

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