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Olympic Gold Medalist Defends His Pinay Nanny From Bashers

'Auntie Yolly is like my mom. My second mom.'
PHOTO: YouTube/Singtel

Singaporean swimming Olympic gold medalist Michael Schooling has come to the defense of his Pinay nanny Yolanda Pascual after she has been the subject of online bashing, mostly from fellow Filipinos.

In an interview with GMA News, Schooling said there was no truth to the allegations that his nanny, whom he fondly refers to as “Aunty Yolly,” is an attention seeker who was riding on his newfound fame.

“Aunty Yolly is you know, she’s like my mom. My second mom,” he said of the Filipina who has cared for him and his family for 19 years.

“When my mom was at work Aunty Yolly always took care of me so it’s disappointing hearing all these accusations of her riding my success to increase her popularity,” he added.

Schooling went on further to say that he became frustrated with how others attacked his Aunty Yolly.

“I think whoever who said that should be shot. That’s stupid. That really pissed me off, that’s not true at all,” he said.

“In no shape of form does she ever think of using and taking advantage of me, like using my popularity or success to better herself,” he added.

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Pascual for her part was hurt by the comments of her fellow Filipinos but said she knew she was living a decent life through an honest job.

“I came here to work as a nanny or as a maid but I found it or I know that it’s a decent job. And everybody anyway, even those white collar jobs they have their own bosses,” she said.

The commercial by Singtel corporation featuring Schooling and Pascual which drew both positive and negative comments can be watched below:

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