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Everything You Need To Know About Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry's Wedding

About those Disney World rumors...
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Great news, 2019 has already blessed us with a celebrity engagement and it's only March. Yerp, the Elf Bae known as Orlando Bloom proposed to his longtime girlfriend Katy Perry, which means a wedding is right around the corner. It also means the time has come to hunt for facts about said wedding—which I am desperately hoping is Lord of the Rings–themed and/or involves elven cosplay.

Here's what we know about Katy and Orlando's nuptials so far, and obviously this article will be updated because if there's one thing I take seriously, it's the love lives of people who are not me!

First Up, Are They Actually Getting Married In Disney World?

Tabloids have been reporting that Katy and Orlando are getting married in a blowout ceremony at Cinderella's Castle. Which, to be clear, is located in Disney World. Wow, how totally normal and not at all tacky!

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So are they really getting married in this magical theme park, or nah? According to Gossip Cop, not so much. But only time will tell! Until then, all we can do is pray.

They Actually Haven't *Really* Started Planning Yet

A source tells People that the couple is "still busy enjoying and celebrating their engagement" and that "they haven’t shared any wedding details yet. They are planning a big engagement party for all of their friends."

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Oh, and speaking of engagements, reminder that Katy's ring looks like this:

Some people love it (me) while others do not (haters), so please weigh in:

They MIGHT Have A Destination Wedding

While they're clearly still working out details, sources tell Us Weekly that Katy and Orly are "thinking of a destination wedding."

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You know what a cool destination would be? The Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand. Just saying.

That's all for now, but check back because much like winter, UPDATES ARE COMING.


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