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You Guys, Paolo Contis Just Tried Breast Milk

In case you're wondering, he says it's good.
PHOTO: Instagram/paolo_contis

Yesterday, February 1, LJ Reyes posted a video of partner Paolo Contis tasting breast milk on her Instagram stories. (OMG, right?)

“Sarap ah!” Paolo says in the clip, and suddenly jokes, “Lumalakas ako.”

According to LJ, he even finished it!

The actor and father of LJ’s newborn also posted a similar video. But in that one, he ~unknowingly~ drinks breast milk from a pump, which he claims (or jokes) he thought was a new cup at home. “Breast milk ‘to? I’ve been breastfed for a week already?” he says. “Kaya pala ang lusog ko.”

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And Paolo being Paolo, he hilariously captioned the post ISANG PAALALA: Breast milk is still best for babies up to 34 years old.” 

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