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What Is Jan Di's Little Brother From 'Boys Over Flowers' Up To Now?

Geum Kang San is all grown up!

It's been more than ten years since Boys Over Flowers first aired, and we're naturally super curious about the cast and what they look like now. Many of us were entertained and *touched* whenever we saw Geum Jan Di's (Ku Hye Sun) younger brother Geum Kang San onscreen. His banter with Lee Min Ho was also the cutest! 

The role was played by actor Park Ji Bin, and he's def not a ~kid~ anymore. Ji Bin enlisted for mandatory military service in March 2015 and was discharged in February 2017. Now 25 years old, Ji Bin has continued his acting career and here's what he looks like now: 

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Cute, right?? He had his first "villain role" in 2018 for the series Bad Papa. He played Jung Chan Joong, the young CEO of a pharmaceutical company who's only concerned about his own interests. 

Ji Bin's latest project is the SBS drama Big Issue (2019), where he played the role of actor Baek Eun Ho. Here's one of his key scenes: 


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