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5 Relatable Fangirl Moments From 'Record Of Youth' (So Far)

'Hye Jun, fangirling over you is what keeps me going.'

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Episode 1 of Record Of Youth!* 

Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam's new drama Record Of Youth aired its first episode last night, and TBH we're so in love with their characters already. Park Bo Gum plays a model and aspiring actor named Hye Jun while So Dam is a *rookie* makeup artist named Jeong Ha. 

We think we've found our new K-drama *spirit animal* because JEONG HA IS HYE JUN'S FAN. She ~loves~ Hye Jun from afar, gushes over his photos, and dreams of meeting him someday. Here, a roundup of Jeong Ha's most relatable fangirl moments (so far): 

1. When we found out that he's her phone background

Plus, she talks to him (the phone version)! Whenever she gets scolded by her boss, Jeong Ha turns to her crush: "Let me take a quick look at his face...Hye Jun, fangirling over you is what keeps me going. How are you hanging in there?" Admit it: Just looking at photos of your bias makes you feel better, too.  

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2. When she defended him even though she didn't know him personally

Jeong Ha's co-worker said that Hye Jun was born with a silver spoon and that he didn't need money, and she retorted: "He works really hard. And he's kind, too." 

3. When she fangirled...but still kept her distance 

She said even Hye Jun won't be able to change her beliefs about marriage. "Only the thought of love makes you happy. I don't want to be in love, but I want to be happy." 

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4. When she absolutely obsessed over their first meeting 

She legit said, "I don't want to force it, we'll meet when it's time," but was ~squealing~ when her boss told her she'd be going to Hye Jun's fashion show. Same, bb, same. 

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5. When she couldn't speak during their ~actual meeting~

I mean...can you blame her for being starstruck? For Jeong Ha, everything was in slow-mo and they stood there awkwardly for a few seconds because she was just staring at him. 

Record Of Youth airs every Monday and Tuesday and is available for streaming on Netflix. 


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