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Penguin Goes Berserk When He Finds Out His Mate Cheated On Him

The video of this penguin relationship drama has gone viral.
PHOTO: Twitter/National Geographic

If love is called the universal language, then apparently, so is infidelity.

We thought all penguins mate for life, but National Geographic has presented evidence proving that being monogamous doesn't necessarily apply to each penguin.

A Nat Geo Wild video showing a male penguin that caught his mate cheating on him has gone viral.

Vulture explains the plot of the penguin soap opera: "This hell of a story begins with a husband penguin returning home to his colony to chill and maybe fix up his nest, only to discover that his penguin wife—and mother of his baby penguins!—is shacking up with another male penguin."

The husband-penguin and the homewrecker-penguin fought viciously.

Since their bloody altercation ended in a stalemate, they called on the female penguin to pick the winner.

When the female penguin picked the homewrecker, the husband flipped out again. The husband and the homewrecker tussled anew and, again, there was no clear winner.

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Once again, the female penguin was urged to pick a winner and she still chose the homewrecker.

In light of this fowl soap opera, National Geographic clarifies, "Penguins are known for fidelity to their mates. An average of 72% of penguins return to mate with the same bird as the previous year. This usually stems from 'nest site fidelity,' in which males return to the same nest site, and hope females will return as well."

In other words, the poor husband-penguin is part of the 28% whose relationships don't work out.

We can only hope he recovers and finds true love, because a creature who fights so hard for the one he loves deserves to be loved in return.

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