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Mariel Rodriguez: 'Dinamay niyo pa ang anak kong inosente!'

The actress defends her husband and claps back at online bashers via IG.
PHOTO: Instagram/marieltpadilla

Robin Padilla’s wife, Mariel Rodriguez, clapped back at online bashers who chose to drag their daughter into the Pilipinas Got Talent issue involving her husband. Over the course of the weekend, the heated discussion on Robin Padilla’s “harsh” treatment of a Korean contestant who auditioned for the reality talent competition has snowballed into calling it a “racist” and “misguided” view of Filipino idealism.

The internet was quick to call out Robin’s “false sense of nationalism” after he demanded that the Korean contestant speak in Filipino, and pointed out several times that the show is called “Pilipinas Got Talent.” Many also said that Robin did not react the same way when a female contestant who could not understand Filipino joined the show in 2016.

Robin defended his actions and dismissed public criticism, saying, “Hindi ko naman siya inaway, sinabihan ko lang siya parang tatay niya.” Mariel, on the other hand, took to Instagram to respond to naysayers involving their innocent daughter in the discussion. Netizens said that if Robin really loves his country, why did he allow his one-year-old daughter Maria Isabella to be born in the US?

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In a post, she wrote, “Our cable was down over the weekend and I have been so busy taking care of my baby that I only had the chance to watch the clip of PGT today. In my opinion Robin was being true to himself. Si Robin magpapakamatay 'yan para sa Robin ibibigay niya buhay niya para sa mga katutubo, sa mga mga Pilipino. Ganun si Robin. It is very hard to understand his passion when it comes to his love for the country...pero pagkatapos ng pagibig niya sa Allah, susunod ang pag-ibig para sa bayan, more than family more than self more than anything (except God) pinakamahal ni Robin ang Pilipinas.

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She continues, “If you watch the whole clip he was being a very fair judge when it came to the talent of the Korean contestant. He humbled himself and said “pasensya ka na” even added “isipin mo na lang na tatay mo ako sa Pilipinas at napagsabihan ka ng tatay mo” so ano ba ang ikinakagalit niyong lahat? Dinamay niyo pa 'yung anak kong inosente! Okay lang na maglabas kayo ng mga opinion niyo, no problem kasi opinion niyo yan. Pero para idamay ang anak ko na walang kasalanan sa mundong ito! Below the belt. No mother should ever receive ill wishes for her child no matter what the circumstances are. I learned that in Islam it is all about your INTENTIONS...and Robin did not have any intention to cause anyone pain but you guys sending hate our way even including my child is purely intentional so good luck sa inyo in your afterlife. While you guys are bashing away Robin is busy rebuilding Marawi. People with REAL PROBLEMS! And no your bad comments are not welcome on my page. To my husband...we stand by you 100%.

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The show and the network have yet to issue an official statement on the issue.

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