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Check Out This Pinay Collector's *Impressive* Book Collection

It all started in 2008 with the Twilight book series. "I was obsessed with Twilight," Karen tells Cosmopolitan. Now 30, Karen is a nurse and a collector of books, specifically fiction. Her love for the written word began when she was only eight because her mom was a bookworm herself: "I remember that whatever my mom read, I also read. She used to be a huge reader back then too, and I truly think that she's one of my biggest influences when it comes to reading. I have loved fictional worlds and characters and reading as a form of escapism since then."

Karen has collected over 250 books and says that the very sight of them in her room ~relaxes~ her and gives her joy. "I know there are probably a lot of bookworms out there who have a bigger collection than I do, but I'm happy with my small collection," Karen shares. "I'm trying to grow them. I'm just happy that I have this small corner at home, where I can sit down, grab a book, and relax all day."

She isn't only a voracious reader but is an active member of the community as well. Karen runs a Bookstagram account and, along with her best friends, a BookTube channel where she posts about her current reads, fangirls over her fave authors, and connects with other bibliophiles. "Not only do I get to post about books that I love or books that I want to read, but I also get to meet and interact with people that have the same passion and interest and love for reading, and that those online friends can turn into real-life best friends," Karen says.

Check out Episode 28 of the Fangirl Diaries below to know more about Karen's love for books—from her many book signing adventures to the book she holds most dear to her heart:


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