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This Pinay Fangirl Shares Why She Became A 'Harry Potter' Fan

For a lot of us young adults, our youth was made more special with the ~*magical*~ book and film series: Harry Potter. There really isn't anything like the wizarding world of our beloved childhood heroesHarry, Ron, Hermione, and, yes, Luna as well! Even though we've already all grown up, the sparkthe magicwe've come to love as kids will forever stay in our hearts, just like certified Potterhead, Barb. For Episode 2 of the Fangirl Diaries, Barb shares with us how she first became a fan when she was in grade school: "I'd never come across anything like it. I was like, this has to be real…Magic has to be real."

Now 23, she continues to collect merch (she swears she's spent a lot) and has even visited several Harry Potter theme parks. But being a Potterhead is much, much deeper because, for Barb, it's actually about "discovering the capability of love and passion we have." "If we can love Harry Potter this much, we can love ourselves, we can love each other, a whole lot more," she says. And we couldn't agree more.

Visit the ~wizarding world of Barb~ in Episode 2 of the Fangirl Diaries below:

Are you a Potterhead as well? Share what Hogwarts house you belong to in the comments section!

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VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. Lopez, Louise Ferrer, Lily Grace Tabanera, and Andie Estella

VIDEO EDITED BY: Andie Estella


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