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This Pinoy Fan Shares His Most Memorable Encounters With Girls' Generation

For the first installment of our special two-part feature on Girls' Generation fans, we put the spotlight on Rich, a 22-year-old architecture graduate and long-time SONE. Rich's love for Girls' Generation started in 2009 when he was only 11 years old. He chanced upon their music video for "Gee" on MYX, and from then on, Rich supported the second-generation greats in every comeback they had and even in the girls' solo activities. "The thing that I love most about Girls' Generation is basically their whole journey, their whole story," explains Rich. "When you've been a fan for 11 years, you've probably seen a lot. And everything about them is just very inspiring."


Being a fan for over a decade, Rich has had the chance to meet all members of Girls' Generation, save for Sunny. The idol encounter that tops his list, though, is meeting his ultimate bias, Hyoyeon, at her meet-and-greet in Singapore. Detailing the experience, Rich says, "This was the very first time I saw her, this was also the first time that I met her. We shook hands, we talked, we took pictures, and she also signed my book. I met my bias for the first time... And it was actually a very, you know, really happy moment for me."

For Rich, Hyoyeon is a source of inspiration for him. Apart from her ace dance skills, she's got a great personality to match, and more importantly, isn't afraid to branch out in her career: "I actually believe she's actually one of the best dancers in K-pop. And not only is she a total performer, a kind person, she's also an author, and she's also now a DJ. That's why I really look up to her because she doesn't wanna stop trying new things. And that's just really inspiring."

To hear more stories of Rich's encounters with Girls' Generation, check out Episode 13 of the Fangirl Diaries below:

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VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. Lopez, Lily Grace Tabanera, Andie Estella, and Louise Ferrer

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