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Piolo And Alessandra Of Answer Fan Questions About Love, Friendship, And The ~In-Between~

My Amanda dropped on Netflix over a week agoon July 15, to be exactbut it is still the number one title on Netflix Philippines. It has all the qualities that make for a hit Pinoy flick: 1. Critically-acclaimed lead actors; 2. Memorable and heart-tugging quotes; and the beloved friends-turned-lovers trope.

Piolo Pascual and Alessandra De Rossi top-bill My Amanda and also worked on it behind the scenes, with Piolo as co-producer and Alessandra as director and scriptwriter! There's a lot to love about it as a film, but even more so that the two stars ~graciously~ gave advice to Cosmo Girls who are going through similar challenges as their on-screen characters, TJ and Amanda.

From fan-submitted questions, Piolo and Alessandra answered big and hard questions about love, friendship, and the ~in-between~. Read snippets of our fave answers below:

What would you do if your partner and your best friend don't and simply can't get along?

Alessandra: "Just cut them from your life, both of them!"

Piolo: "If your best friend is not getting along with your partner, then you have to confront that. Since he or she is your best friend, you have to address that situation. Same thing with your partner. What's the issue with my best friend? And you go from there."

What's the hardest part about falling in love with your best friend?

Piolo: "The hardest part is falling in love with your best friend. That's the hardest part because you don't wanna be in that situation. It depends if you're on the same page. If the best friend feels that way, then you can probably feel each other, and just get on with it."

Alessandra: "Did that ever happen to you?"

Piolo: "Yeah."

Alessandra: "Talaga?"

Piolo: "Yeah."

Have you ever gone through a friendship breakup? What's your advice for people who are experiencing it?

Alessandra: "When you have a falling out, you don't need to talk for closure because you're just friends. It's not like you're in a relationship where you promised so many things to each other. You just go through the process, accept it, find new friends."

Nakakabitin, no? For sure 'yan! Check out the full video below for more feels, kilig, and a whole lot of laughs:


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