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Primo Arellano In A Halloween Costume Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Our hearts are melting!

It's already a given that Primo Arellano is one of the cutest local celebrity babies. And today, his dad, Drew Arellano, gifted us with the most adorable thing evera sneak peek of Primo's Halloween look: Here he is dressed as an Angry Bird, but this BB looked far from being a furious game character. He's into it! 

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According to Drew, mommy Iya Villania and Ninang Hannah Olives found this costume for Primo. This isn't the first time the little boy played dress up, though. Take a look at our fave Primo costumes below:

Oh my. This panda onesie!!!

You'll be so gigil when you see him in a Kermit the Frog onesie.

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Primo as Mickey Mouse...

Here's Primo as a cute turtle:

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And then he tried a monkey onesie:

He was mommy and daddy's little Santa Claus last Christmas.

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And here, Primo as a dapper BB boy.

We hope you have a fun Halloween night, Primo!

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