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Wait Just A Minute, Prince Harry Is Out Here Kissing Fans!?

Where do I sign up?
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This week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are visiting Sussex, and in the midst of talking about Meghan's feminist dog and greeting their fans who line the streets, Harry legit kissed one lady! TBH, where do I sign up? How long do I have to wait in line?

OK, let's break this down. Meghan and Harry were on a spontaneous "walkabout" and chatting with the residents of Brighton (a city in Sussex) when Harry approached a woman who introduced herself as Lydia. One fan described Lydia as a woman in her eighties who Meghan "made a beeline for." Lydia said Meghan looked "so beautiful" and Meghan then asked her where she's from. The answer: Hastings, which is a town on the southeast coast of England. But back to the good part!

So Lydia had that cute little exchange with Meghan then Harry comes over and gives her a big ol' kiss on the hand! It's lovely! And Lydia's reaction is so spot on. When Harry surprised her with the kiss, Lydia giggled and said, "Oh, thank you!" Yeah, would've done the same! When everyone saw Lydia get the kiss, they shouted, "Well done!"

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There's no official protocol for the royals kissing fans, but it surely isn't done very often!

Bravo, everyone!


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