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Rebel Without A Cause Kendall Jenner Confirms Nipple Piercing

Kendall says she went under the needle during a 'rough period' in her life.

?While its existence has been evident on many an occasion upon which she has worn something semi-sheer or particularly figure-hugging across her model bosom (like the Diane Von Furstenberg runway look pictured above), Kendall Jenner offered the first official confirmation of her nipple piercing's existence over the weekend. "I was going through a period in my life, having a rough time, being a rebel?,"she told Page Six of the piercing, confirming the also-obvious news that it hurt. (But it wasn't as bad as she expected, so there you go.)

In other quotables, Kendall, a model whose career likely depends on such proportions, also said that the furor over thigh gaps is "pointless," "awful," and that they shouldn't be considered "a thing."

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