Rhian Ramos Is Looking Happy And Fab During Her Showbiz Break In NYC

Best beauty secret: Take a holiday!
PHOTO: Instagram/whianwamos

Last 2018, Rhian Ramos announced that she was taking a quick breather from showbiz. Possbily aligned with her heartbreak hugot hit “Napagod” (or was it just coincidental?), Rhian knew she needed a vacay to recharge. With her eye set on New York, Rhian packed a trolley, a suitcase, and a Pinoy-style balikbayan box and headed for the Big Apple. 

Since Rhian had never experienced living away form home (let alone cook for herself or wash her own dishes), it was a new adventure for her. Her goal: To be “re-inspired.” She had wanted to take some improv classes at the American Improvisational Theatre and Training Center. The class modules span six months, so we aren't expecting her to be back until summer.

So, we trailed Rhian’s feed and found her right smack in the middle of her NYC sabbatical. This is our a-ha realization after poring over her pics: Vacations and sabbaticals make you bloom. Rhian is looking hot AF! It seems like being a Manhattanite—even for just a New York minute—suits Rhian. She’s taking it all in: the tinsel streets during the holidays, pizza runs, Brooklyn coffee stops, Michelin hopping, Bourdain fangirling, and even quickie side trips to nearby Puerto Rico.

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Waaah! We are absolutely dying of envy. But, okay, we’re using her pics to re-inspire ourselves, too.  We hope we could follow her lead soon and book a trip (or maybe a sabbatical?) ASAP.

While Rhian has been away for a couple of months, we’re still feeling her heart and craft, especially with the launch of the music video of “Napagod,” which came out just two days ago. It’s a painful rendition of heartbreak in hugot-rich Filipino. The lyrics were penned by Jolo Revilla.

Napagod (Official Video) - Rhian feat. Brisom

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