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Rica Peralejo Has Given Birth To Baby Number Two!

'His Papa, Kuya, and I, have longed for him deeply.'
PHOTO: Instagram/ricaperalejo

Rica Peralejo has given birth to a bouncing baby boy!

The actress-turned-blogger posted on Instagram to share a first look at the latest addition to the Bonifacio family on June 9, 2019. Rica underwent a home birth and vaginal birth after caesarian delivery (VBAC), during which she remained unmedicated all throughout labor, which took a total of 25 hours.


"So many times I wanted to quit... but somehow strength came to my bones and body," she shared. "In those 25 hours, his heart rate stayed completely perfect. Never went down."

In another post, Rica shared a moving message to her child, on how long her family has waited for his arrival. She had earlier suffered two miscarriages.

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"How can I not shed tears if it had to take five years, 38 weeks of praying God will sustain him, 25 hours of labor before I can finally have this boy? His Papa, Kuya, and I have longed for him deeply. I cannot wait to share more photos. Not only of ourselves but the birthing team we carefully chose, and who carried us through the different turns of this birth. Truly, if we want something supernatural, we must understand that it cannot be done alone."

Rica is married to Joseph Bonifacio, a pastor, and share a five-year-old son named Philip.

Congrats to you, Rica, Joseph, and Philip!