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Richard Gomez And Lucy Torres Prove Growing Old Together Is For Real


Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres have been married for a lifetime (in showbiz years)—17 to be exact.

Richard, being the sweet (and utterly GORGEOUS) husband that he is, took to IG to greet his lovely wife Lucy for her birthday on December 11.

The classic song “Growing old With You” from the '90s romcom The Wedding Singer came to mind upon reading Richard’s ode to his wife. He writes:

You are the lovely face I see every waking morning for the past 17 years and I will never grow tired seeing you smile at me every time I wake up for the next 50 years or more.

Happy birthday my love! May you be a continued blessing to many people. I love you!!!

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Oh, true love that lasts a lifetime. These two prove that it may just exist. 

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