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Risa Hontiveros Gets Hate Due To Fake News About 'Anti-Tattoo Exposure' Bill

Why were so many people so quick to share it?

A website called ABIAS-CBN News recently published a story on Senator Risa Hontiveros supposedly filing a bill requiring people to cover up their exposed tattoos—especially in churches and schools.

The story—which ABIAS-CBN News presumably published as a satirical piece—has since been taken down.

Unfortunately, the damage has been done as many people believed it was a legitimate story. Many of these believers proceeded to hurl insults at Hontiveros.

MemeBuster managed to take a screengrab of the story as shared on Facebook.

Hontiveros has reportedly laughed off the incident.

Perhaps, what is more disturbing is how easily so many people believed the story despite the often-repeated "Think before you click or share" warning.

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