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Rita Daniela Reveals Her Baby's Father Is Her Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

'He's a private person and our relationship has always been private.'

Over the weekend, singer and actress Rita Daniela surprised everyone when she revealed that she was expecting her first baby

In an interview with Nelson Canlas aired on 24 Oras on June 29, Rita said that she waited for her first trimester to share the good news. She added, "Some things in life na ikaw lang muna trine-treasure mo yung blessing na 'yun na ikaw lang, na ninanamnam mo yung good news."

The Kapuso celeb was also asked about the identity of her baby's father, and Rita revealed that the father of her baby is her non-showbiz boyfriend.

She said, "It's my decision not to share anything about us or about him to anybody because he's not a showbiz personality. He's a private person and our relationship has always been private."

rita daniela opens up about baby's father
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According to the report, Rita's pregnancy was not planned, and she welcomes it with an open heart. The pregnancy also puts a stop to the validation and love that she seeks. 

"Am I enough? Was I good? Was I great? That has always been my struggle," Rita told Nelson. "This blessing reminded me na, 'No, I won't feel that anymore,' because I will have someone that whatever I do, I may fail or not but that someone will see me and he or she will love me with all this heart."

Rita's love team partner, Ken Chan, expressed his support for his My Special Tatay leading lady following the news that she's expecting. In an Instagram post, Ken wrote, "Miracles are worth their weight in gold if not many times more. I'm here if you need anything at all, as a friend, as someone you can always rely on. I pray to God for the utmost positivity, protection, support, and love to surround you and your baby."

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