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Ritz Azul On Glamour and True Beauty

In our interview with TV5's breakout star, she tells us her take on beauty and her quick, no-fail way to look lovely.

Ritz Azul "True beauty is within," TV5 primetime princess Ritz Azul told Cosmo when we chatted with her. The young star sure has a thing or two to say about beauty: after her drama debut in the series Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak, Ritz went on to play a girl who is cursed with an ugly scar on her face in Glamorosa. 

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Cosmo asked Ritz what girls should do to channel their inner glamorosa. Her answer? Just be yourself.

Read the rest of our interview with the lovely young star below!

What advice can you give girls who want to look or feel glamorous?

Para sakin, kung gusto mong maging feeling glamorous ka, just be yourself. Kasi para sakin, ang word na glamorous means simple but elegant. So mas maganda siguro kung maging simple, and just be yourself lang.

What is true beauty for you?

True beauty is within, lies within. And siyempre kung ano yung nasa loob, 'yun din yung ilalabas mo sa isang tao. At I'm sure na kapag maganda ang iyong panloob, magiging glamorosa ka at maraming magkakagusto sa iyo.

Do you have any beauty tips?

Smile! Always smile. Kasi 'yun ang nagbibigay buhay sa isang tao. And siyempre tulog. Kung walang tulog, may eyebags. 


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